• Focus on keeping our tax dollars in St. Tammany. 


  • Respect and use tax dollars wisely.  

  • Prioritize tax dollars on improving our roads. 


  • Go to the source of the issues and fix problems for the long term.


  • Stop putting band-aides on public work projects and developments.


  • Use a common sense approach to prioritize our public work projects especially pertaining to traffic and flooding issues. 


  • Preserve what we all love about our Parish. Tighten up on those who carelessly violate the appeal of our community by working with constables on litter control. 


  • Work with local businesses and schools on "Adopt a Highway" projects. 


  • We need to realize we can’t take a cookie cutter approach on every project.


  • Review and modify permits, ordinances, etc. that have created hardships on our residents and small businesses while remaining focused on smart growth as well as a fiscally sound budget.

Martha’s Plan for the Future 

Community - Common Sense - Collaboration

Paid for by the Friends of Martha Cazaubon Campaign